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Immigration Lawyer Belfast
Immigration Lawyer
in Belfast

Welcome to Immigration & Employment NI

A new immigration lawyer in Belfast

A nascent immigration law firm for NI

I am an experienced immigration adviser located in Belfast providing comprehensive visa assistance for businesses, families, individuals, including students.

I communicate in English, Spanish, Italian and understand German and Polish. 

I have the competence and capacity to help you with business immigration processes and work permits: sponsor licence applications, skilled workers' visas, healthcare workers' visas, non-points based work visas, graduate visas. I also help businesses in Northern Ireland complying with their obligations as sponsors. 

Other applications I can assist you with are: 

- Visitor visas

- Naturalisation as a British citizen

- Registration of a child as a British citizen

- Fiancé Visa and Spouse visa

- Other family visa applications 

- EU Pre Settled and Settled Status application

- Indefinite Leave to Remain

- Ancestry Visa

- Renewal Biometric Residence Card & BRP

- Notification of  changes of circumstances

- Administrative Review and SAR

contact your immigration laywer Belfast
Immigration Lawyer Belfast

                                                         FEE SCALE 


Transparent, affordable and accessible immigration lawyer in Belfast



Description of the matter                                             Fees            Max time allocated

Initial consultation                                                             £100                               1 hour

Letters and enquiries to the Home Office                     £100                               1 hour


Visitor visa                                                        from          £350                          3.5 hours                       

If a previous visitor visa was refused    - additional     £150                           1.5 hours


Naturalisation and citizenship applications                  £400                              4 hours

Registration of a child as a British citizen                      £400                              4 hours


Entry clearance application for spouse, partner          £650                           6.5 hours

Leave to Remain (spouse, partner, fam. members)    £550                            5.5 hours


EU Settlement Scheme applications                               £250                           2.5 hours


EU Settlement Scheme Family Permit                            £400                              4 hours


Ancestry Visas                                                                     £600                              6 hours


Sponsor licence application                                           £1,000                           10 hours

Skilled worker application                                                 £500                              5 hours


Skilled worker dependant/dependant application       £500                              5 hours


Applications for Administrative Review                          £250                           2.5 hours



The fees listed above do not include Home Office fees and other kind disbursements, charges and fees linked to the client’s application and file, for example, the Immigration Health Charge, Immigration Skills Charge, citizenship ceremony, biometric appointment, translation and notarisation of documents and copies, expert reports, etc..


The max time allocated indicates a number of hours above the normally required to prepare and submit the relevant application. Where the process of acquiring and reviewing the supporting documentation/information proves particularly long, with an additional advice given and the threshold of the allocated time is reached, the client might incur in additional fees.

contact your immigration laywer Belfast

Call : 07897377702

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I communicate in English, Spanish, Italian and we understand German and Polish.

Please fill out the form below, including the phone number. 

Thank you for contacting us!

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